What are Section 7 Expenses in Alberta? [+Examples]

So, what exactly do section 7 expenses include? Where do you draw the line? Today, we’re sharing exactly what’s included in section 7 expenses and a few key examples, too.  Let’s dive in… When parents divorce, child support is often one of the arrangements that needs to be agree upon. In looking at what financial support should be provided for the child, there will be both a base amount determined, and in some cases, extraordinary expenses, or Section 7 expenses. The base amount will be determined dealing with the ordinary expenses that most or all children have. This arrangement is

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What You Need to Know About Sole and Joint Custody in Alberta

Sole and Joint Custody in Alberta Are you facing a possible separation or divorce and trying to understand the difference between sole and joint custody in Alberta? Major life changes such as separating parents or divorce can be an incredibly stressful time, and ensuring you have accurate information about the different types of child custody in Alberta really is essential. Join us as our expert team of child custody lawyers shed some light on this important decision. Sole Custody Sole custody is less common than join child custody arrangements in Alberta. When an individual; whether that be a parent or

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Adopting A Child: Types, Costs and 6 Revealing Questions

Adopting a child can truly be a rollercoaster ride. Get in the know about adopting a child with this useful information. What are the different types of adoption? There are five different types of adoption in Canada, and they include: Public – adopting from the Canadian child welfare system Private – adopting from a private licensed agency International – adopting a child from a foreign country Stepchild – adopting a new spouse’s child child/children Kinship – adopting a birth relative What is the cost of adoption in Alberta? The cost of adoption in Alberta varies greatly between organizations – fees

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Do I Need a Sperm Donor Agreement?

There are many reasons these days why people seek alternate methods of conceiving a child. Sperm donation and artificial insemination are popular among many lesbian or gay couples, single women and even heterosexual couples. But when it comes to parents, children and relationships, a lot of significant issues must be considered. Many people do not want to use anonymous sperm from a sperm bank; they prefer to choose someone known to them. This makes things a bit more complicated so yes, you do need a sperm donor agreement. Why do I need a sperm donor agreement? A sperm donor agreement

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Five Tips for Negotiating Child Custody

When you have run out of options and are faced with separating your family, it is almost guaranteed that there will be tension. How do you overcome that tension? We share our top tips. A separation or divorce is a difficult process and an emotional time for everybody. This ordeal becomes even more complicated when children are involved. In addition to monitoring their emotional health, you also need to deal with their long-term care and expenses.  Child custody is rarely agreed on by both parties, and very often results in hard feelings, feelings of loss and financial strain when not

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5 Tips to Make Joint Custody Work

Divorce is not a fun situation and emotions almost always run high. Add in a dash of holiday stress and you’re probably not acting like yourself. Joint custody can be an uncomfortable situation for two people that may not want to be near each other, but it’s a fact that you have to act in the best interests of your child(ren) and that this part isn’t about you. Here are 5 tips to help make your joint custody arrangement work for everyone involved. Try not to “bad mouth” your child’s other parent. We know that there are unresolved issues that

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