What is SafeRoads Alberta?

SafeRoads Alberta is a provincial administrative system that reviews appeals to Notices of Administrative Penalties under the new Alberta DUI system. Through SafeRoads Alberta, you can pay your fine, request additional time to pay your fine, dispute vehicle seizure, request a review of the penalty, and appeal the administrative penalty altogether. However, under SafeRoads Alberta you only have seven days to appeal an IRS administrative penalty.

What is SafeRoads Alberta?

SafeRoads Alberta was established in December 2020, coinciding with the implementation of a new impaired driving enforcement system in the province. The genesis of SafeRoads Alberta can be traced back to a significant overhaul of DUI laws by the Alberta government. The motivation behind this change was to save costs due to the high number impaired driving and other DUI cases in the court system. 

To streamline the process and reduce the strain on the legal system, the province introduced administrative penalties under the ‘Immediate Roadside Sanction’ program. The administrative penalty system aimed to shift the approach from criminal charges to more efficient and expedited penalties, turning most DUIs into predominantly provincial administrative offences. While an administrative penalty often carries the same consequence as previous DUI criminal charges (vehicle seizure, licence suspension, required courses and mandatory  completion of the Ignition Interlock program, as well as significant fines), the IRS program now removes, for many cases, the criminal charge and court date.

You can still be charged criminally for driving over the legal limit of drugs or alcohol, impaired driving, or refusing to provide a sample, but criminal charges now usually only occur for repeat offences or extreme cases. 

The main objectives of SafeRoads Alberta was the reduction of criminal charges arising from DUI-related offences.  To achieve this objective, the program focuses on reducing the reliance on criminal charges in DUI circumstances. Instead, police officers now have the authority to immediately suspend a driver’s licence and issue fines through an administrative penalty.

Penalties with SafeRoads Alberta: Your Options

If you find yourself facing an Immediate Roadside Sanction penalty under the Provincial Administrative Penalties Act, it’s essential to be aware of your options and the appeal process.

Remember, you only have seven days to appeal, so it’s imperative you contact a criminal defence lawyer quickly.  

Your lawyer at McGlashan and Company will review the file on Saferoads for no charge as part of your free consultation.  The lawyer will explain to you the likelihood of success if you appeal, and help you decide if you want to appeal.  If you think you might want to appeal your Administrative Penalty you should contact a lawyer immediately.

Appealing an IRS Penalty with SafeRoads Alberta

If you find yourself facing an Immediate Roadside Sanction (IRS) administrative penalty in Alberta and wish to appeal, it is crucial to act promptly and methodically. If you decide you do not want to pay the administrative penalty, follow these steps to ensure you find the best results.

Contact an Experienced Impaired Driving Defence Lawyer:

Your next crucial step is to reach out to an experienced criminal defense and impaired driving / DUI lawyer. A seasoned professional with experience in DUI cases, such as Brian McGlashan, can provide invaluable expertise and guidance tailored to your specific situation. By enlisting the support of a skilled legal advocate, you ensure that your rights are protected and that every aspect of your appeal is thoroughly examined for the best possible results.

Grounds for Appeal:

A lawyer can identify valid grounds for appeal, which may include errors in procedure, inaccuracies in evidence, or other legal considerations. Your criminal defence lawyer will know the ins and outs of the system and be able to provide you with expert advice. 

Prepare Your Case:

Your lawyer will prepare a comprehensive case outlining the grounds for appeal and any supporting evidence. It is best to have professional assistance from criminal defence lawyer with vast experience in DUI cases, such as Brian McGlashan. His expertise can provide valuable guidance, ensuring that your appeal is well-founded and advocating for the best possible outcome.

Navigating SafeRoads Alberta

Brian McGlashan is an experienced professional who has worked for decades assisting individuals facing DUI charges, and he has worked to appeal many administrative penalties with SafeRoads Alberta. With a focus on DUI cases, Brian McGlashan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Brian McGlashan conducts a comprehensive assessment of your case, identifying potential grounds for appeal and crafting a tailored strategy. Throughout the appeal process, he will provide you with guidance and representation, ensuring that your rights are protected and advocating for the best possible outcome.

Understanding the appeal process and how to work with SafeRoads Alberta can be difficult. For the best results, ensure you have a knowledgeable ally like Brian McGlashan to help navigate the complexities of administrative penalties.


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