What is the Charge for Dangerous Driving?

Dangerous driving is defined simply in s. 320.13(1) of the Canadian Criminal Code as operating a conveyance in a manner that, having regard to all of the circumstances, is dangerous to the public.  A conveyance is usually a motor vehicle.  Courts have determined that this section contains its own definition and no additional definition is required.  The mens rea of the offence requires an objective assessment of whether the driving amounts to a danger to the public, bearing in mind all circumstances.  The behaviour should amount to a marked departure from the standard of care that a reasonable person would

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What are criminal driving violations?

Driving a motor vehicle is one of the most regulated activities an individual can undertake.  From licensing and vehicle equipment rules and regulations all the way up to driving behaviour that can result in a period of incarceration, operating a motor vehicle is one area where the individual might expect to run into trouble with the law at some point in their life.  Driving violations are generally either traffic matters or Criminal matters, depending on the severity.  The vast majority of driving regulation is governed by provincial traffic legislation, in Alberta that is under the Traffic Safety Act. What is

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Help! I was Caught Driving Without Insurance in Alberta

You’ve been charged with driving without insurance in Alberta.  Now what?  Learn about the penalties you may face for driving without auto insurance in Alberta, including tickets & fines, criminal record, arrest & jail time. Penalties Tickets & Fines For first-time offenders, the minimum fine for driving without insurance is most commonly $2,875, but the maximum fine can be as high as $11,500, depending on the conditions surrounding the situation. Demerit Points How many demerit points are given out for driving without insurance? In Alberta, there are no demerits for a No Insurance charge. Criminal Record Is driving without insurance

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Help! I Got Caught Driving Without a License in Alberta

What happens next? Learn about the penalties you may face for driving without a license in Alberta, including tickets & fines, car seizure (impound), arrest & jail time. Ah, Alberta. The home of buzzing metropolitan centres in both Calgary and Edmonton, the beautiful Rocky Mountains near Banff and Jasper, and a major hub of global oilfield activity in the north. And, well, safe, governed streets and roadways, too. Driving With an Invalid License in Alberta In Alberta, driving offences such as Driving with a Suspended License, Driving While Unauthorized and Driving While Prohibited – are serious offences that can lead

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