Adopting A Child: Types, Costs and 6 Revealing Questions

Adopting a child can truly be a rollercoaster ride. Get in the know about adopting a child with this useful information.

What are the different types of adoption?

There are five different types of adoption in Canada, and they include:

    1. Public – adopting from the Canadian child welfare system
    1. Private – adopting from a private licensed agency
    1. International – adopting a child from a foreign country
    1. Stepchild – adopting a new spouse’s child child/children
  1. Kinship – adopting a birth relative

What is the cost of adoption in Alberta?

The cost of adoption in Alberta varies greatly between organizations – fees as high as $50,000 have been reported for some international adoption agencies, while public adoption may have no fee whatsoever. Many adoption agencies will keep their fees confidential until the prospective adoptive parents have begun the application process.

A family law lawyer can ensure that you are being charged a fair price and may help you navigate through the many choices involved with adoption.

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What are some questions I should ask myself before considering adopting a child?

    • Will I be able to provide this child with a secure, nurturing and loving home?
    • Am I considering a single child adoption or would I consider a sibling adoption?
    • Am I ready for the long term commitment that is involved in adopting a child?
    • Am I ready and willing to go through the entire adoption process, hiccups and all?
    • What impact will adopting a child have on my other children?
  • What impact will adopting a child have on my marriage?

Do I need a lawyer?

It will depend on your individual situation, but a lawyer can be very helpful in the, at times, extensive process of adopting a child.

A lawyer practicing family law can help understand the process, expectations and legalities, which can sometimes be overwhelming. They will also guide you through all the necessary forms and filings, and represent you at hearings if necessary. Often times, the adoption organization you choose will conduct a home study to evaluate your fitness as a parent, and a family law lawyer can help coach you along in this process.

Our trusted team of family law lawyers is here to serve you and answer any questions you may have about the legalities involved in adopting a child in Alberta – Contact us today!

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