A Simple Guide To Spousal Support in Alberta

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Wondering how spousal support works in Canada? Today, our experts explain what, exactly, spousal support is, who’s entitled to it, and the different factors that affect how spousal support is calculated in Alberta. Let’s face it. Divorce is hard. When it comes to navigating all of the considerations involved with divorce, there’s no question that it can quickly become mentally, emotionally and financially overwhelming. Spousal support, in particular, can often be especially difficult because there are so many variables that determine whether it’s necessary, who pays it and how much. Looking to clear the air on spousal support in Alberta?…

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Can I Travel Outside of Canada with a DUI?

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Have you been convicted of a DUI in Alberta – or elsewhere in Canada – and are now worried about whether you’ll be able to travel outside of Canada? While it would be nice to hear that there are no limitations on travelling internationally with a DUI, that is simply not the case. Related: The Truth About Impaired Driving Penalties in Alberta Whether you will be permitted entry to another country will depend on that country’s laws surrounding impaired driving charges as well as various other circumstances such as the nature of your offence and how you present your…

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Help! I was Caught Driving Without Insurance in Alberta

You’ve been charged with driving without insurance in Alberta.  Now what?  Learn about the penalties you may face for driving without auto insurance in Alberta, including tickets & fines, criminal record, arrest & jail time. Penalties Tickets & Fines For first-time offenders, the minimum fine for driving without insurance is most commonly $2,875, but the maximum fine can be as high as $11,500, depending on the conditions surrounding the situation. Demerit Points How many demerit points are given out for driving without insurance? In Alberta, there are no demerits for a No Insurance charge. Criminal Record Is driving without insurance…

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Help! I Got Caught Driving Without a License in Alberta

What happens next? Learn about the penalties you may face for driving without a license in Alberta, including tickets & fines, car seizure (impound), arrest & jail time. Ah, Alberta. The home of buzzing metropolitan centres in both Calgary and Edmonton, the beautiful Rocky Mountains near Banff and Jasper, and a major hub of global oilfield activity in the north. And, well, safe, governed streets and roadways, too. Driving With an Invalid License in Alberta In Alberta, driving offences such as Driving with a Suspended License, Driving While Unauthorized and Driving While Prohibited – are serious offences that can lead…

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The Expert Truth About Living Common Law in Alberta [2020]

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As one of Edmonton’s trusted, top family law firms, one of the most common questions we get in the field of family law is this: What is considered “common law” in Alberta? The fact of the matter is that couples engaged in a “common law” relationship don’t have the same legal rights or obligations as a married couple, and this is where the situation can get sticky. The rights and obligations of unmarried couples are determined based on what might be fair in the particular circumstances of their relationship. This becomes problematic because it makes it difficult for couples to…

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What are Section 7 Expenses in Alberta? [+Examples]

So, what exactly do section 7 expenses include? Where do you draw the line? Today, we’re sharing exactly what’s included in section 7 expenses and a few key examples, too.  Let’s dive in… When parents divorce, child support is often one of the arrangements that needs to be agree upon. In looking at what financial support should be provided for the child, there will be both a base amount determined, and in some cases, extraordinary expenses, or Section 7 expenses. The base amount will be determined dealing with the ordinary expenses that most or all children have. This arrangement is…

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What You Need to Know About Sole and Joint Custody in Alberta

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Sole and Joint Custody in Alberta Are you facing a possible separation or divorce and trying to understand the difference between sole and joint custody in Alberta? Major life changes such as separating parents or divorce can be an incredibly stressful time, and ensuring you have accurate information about the different types of child custody in Alberta really is essential. Join us as our expert team of child custody lawyers shed some light on this important decision. Sole Custody Sole custody is less common than join child custody arrangements in Alberta. When an individual; whether that be a parent or…

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Happy Holidays for Separated Parents: 9 Helpful Tips

How to Enjoy the Holidays for Separated Parents Ah, Christmas. Snow covered tree tops, festive lights lining the streets, and of course, time spent with family. While it may seem like a bright and cheery time for many other families, navigating the holidays as a separated parent may come as a challenging task. Consider these helpful tips to enjoy a peaceful holiday season this year. 1. Flexibility First Remember the reason for the season, and do your best to approach what can be a very busy time, with flexibility. Do your best to let go of set expectations and try…

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The Truth About Impaired Driving Penalties in Alberta

The Severity of Impaired Driving Penalties in Alberta When it comes to impaired driving penalties in Alberta, there are two major determining factors to consider. The first; whether it is the offender’s first, second or third impaired driving offence, and the second, is which type of driving license the individual has. Individuals driving with a Graduated Driving License, or GDL, will fall subject to the Zero Tolerance Policy, and may face more severe consequences. When considering whether an offence is the first, second, or third, a period of 10 years is considered. Therefore, if an individual had received an initial DUI…

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Adopting A Child: Types, Costs and 6 Revealing Questions

Adopting a child can truly be a rollercoaster ride. Get in the know about adopting a child with this useful information. What are the different types of adoption? There are five different types of adoption in Canada, and they include: Public – adopting from the Canadian child welfare system Private – adopting from a private licensed agency International – adopting a child from a foreign country Stepchild – adopting a new spouse’s child child/children Kinship – adopting a birth relative What is the cost of adoption in Alberta? The cost of adoption in Alberta varies greatly between organizations – fees…

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