How to Choose the Right Criminal Lawyer, Edmonton

Getting charged with a criminal offence is stressful. Your future is filled with uncertainty, there are many consequences to having a criminal record, plus you need to find a criminal lawyer. Edmonton has a variety of criminal law firms to choose from, as well as independent criminal defence lawyers, so how do you choose the right criminal lawyer? This blog will help to guide you in making the right choice for your case. 

What Makes the Best Criminal Defence Lawyer, Edmonton

If you’re looking for the best criminal defence lawyer in Edmonton, you’ll need to look for someone that fights for you. They need to have an in-depth understanding of the law and Canadian criminal code as well as the ability to work with you and find evidence in support of your acquittal. 

Traits of Top Criminal Lawyers in Edmonton

The top criminal lawyers in Edmonton share a number of traits. Here are a few important traits of the top criminal lawyers you can find in Edmonton.

  1. Organized and thorough
  2. Firm yet respectful
  3. Understanding and Empathetic
  4. Secure and Private
  5. Good Negotiator 
  6. Knowledgeable and Experienced
  7. Good Communicator

Top criminal lawyers are organized and thorough. This means that they’re going to keep track of your case files, evidence, and information and ensure that they look at every angle. The best criminal lawyers are incredibly organized to ensure they don’t miss anything and help their clients to the best of their ability.

The best criminal defence lawyers in Edmonton have a firm but respectful attitude. They treat the prosecution respectfully to ensure that there are no negative biases; however, top criminal lawyers know to be firm as they fight for their clients. Top criminal lawyers are also understanding and empathetic with their clients. Criminal lawyers know that facing a criminal charge is stressful and has a lot of uncertainty, so it’s important to treat their clients with understanding. Criminal lawyers are also given a lot of personal information, so it’s integral that they keep client confidentiality. Top criminal lawyers should prioritize the privacy of their clients. 

Good negotiating skills are incredibly important for the best criminal defence lawyers to ensure they get their clients the best deal. Along with the ability to negotiate, experience and knowledge of the law is a necessity for the best criminal defence lawyers. Edmonton has plenty of criminal lawyers, so it’s important to find someone who has plenty of knowledge and experience of the criminal code. Finally, the top criminal lawyers in Edmonton should be good communicators. Lawyers spend a lot of time communicating with clients, the prosecution, judges, juries, and more, so a good lawyer should be able to communicate clearly and effectively. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Criminal Lawyer

1. Choose a Criminal Lawyer You’re Comfortable With

Make sure you’re comfortable with your criminal lawyer. As you move through your case you’ll be spending a lot of time with your lawyer, and you also want to ensure you trust them fully with intimate details of your personal life. If you can’t be fully open and honest with your lawyer, you won’t have as much of a chance at getting your charges dropped. When you look for a criminal defence lawyer, choose someone who makes you feel comfortable. 

2. Find a Criminal Lawyer Who Has Experience Your Charge

The Canadian Criminal Code is incredibly varied, and many criminal defence lawyers choose to work within certain aspects of it to gain more experience. Not every criminal lawyer has experience representing every kind of criminal charge, so it’s important to find a lawyer you trust with experience. If you are charged with a criminal offence, be sure to find a lawyer who has worked with clients with similar cases.

3. Pick a Criminal Lawyer Who Will Work with You 

When picking a criminal lawyer, be sure to find someone who is willing to work hard with you and for you to get your charges dropped. You want to find a lawyer who will take you seriously and keep you in the loop about decisions being made on your case.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Interview Your Lawyer

you feel comfortable with them representing you. Some questions to ask include:

  1. How long have you practiced criminal law?
  2. Have you handled cases like mine in the past?
  3. Have you gotten charges like mine dropped?
  4. How strong do you think my case is?
  5. What role will I have during this case? 
  6. How long do you think the process will be?

Asking questions will give you a better feel for the criminal lawyer and ensure you feel comfortable with their ability to represent you.

5. Choose a Criminal Lawyer With Experience

In the interview and research process of finding a criminal defence lawyer, make sure you choose a lawyer with experience. Experience in criminal law in general as well as working with your specific kind of case is imperative to getting the best result. When choosing a criminal lawyer in Edmonton, be sure to pick someone who will have the experience to help you win your case.

The Best Criminal Defence Lawyer in Edmonton

Brian McGlashan is the best criminal defence lawyer to choose from in Edmonton. He has decades of experience working in many areas of criminal law, and he has vast experience working with clients who have been charged with DUIs and criminal traffic charges, drug charges, assault, and shoplifting. If you have been charged with a criminal offence, contact Brian McGlashan for the best criminal defence lawyer!

Picture of Brian McGlashan
Brian McGlashan
Brian McGlashan, co-founder of McGlashan & Company was called to the Alberta Bar in 1995. Brian has appeared in all levels of Alberta Courts. Brian practices criminal law with a primary focus on Impaired Driving charges (DUI). Brian is a member of the Criminal Trial Lawyers’ Association.

McGlashan & Company is an Edmonton Criminal Law Firm located just south of Edmonton’s historic Whyte Avenue.

Brian McGlashan has been defending DUI/Impaired Driving charges in Edmonton for over 20+ years.