Happy Holidays for Separated Parents: 9 Helpful Tips

How to Enjoy the Holidays for Separated Parents

Ah, Christmas. Snow covered tree tops, festive lights lining the streets, and of course, time spent with family. While it may seem like a bright and cheery time for many other families, navigating the holidays as a separated parent may come as a challenging task. Consider these helpful tips to enjoy a peaceful holiday season this year.

1. Flexibility First

Remember the reason for the season, and do your best to approach what can be a very busy time, with flexibility. Do your best to let go of set expectations and try to focus on just enjoying the time you do have with family.

2. Choose a Schedule

Deciding on an access or visitation schedule in writing, ahead of time, can really help to ensure there is no confusion or disappointment. Some families may want to try alternating which day the children spend with each parent on a yearly basis, or may decide to split special days like Christmas Eve in half.

3. Communicate Clearly

Whatever is decided in terms of who sees who when, and how the holidays are spent, avoid any vagueness or uncertainty. Ensuring you have decided upon a clear plan will help to avoid holiday meltdowns. Try planning via text or e-mail so that plans can be referenced easily in case any confusion comes up.

4. Pride Aside

Don’t let your pride take over what can still be a lovely holiday season spent with family. Remember to keep the kids as your first priority, and don’t let any proud feelings create jealousy or anger when deciding on a holiday schedule.

5. Create New Traditions

Is there someone new in the picture this year? When trying to come up with an ideal plan for the holidays for separated parents, considering blended families is a must. If there is a new partner or set of children involved, instead of focusing on how things aren’t like they used to be, try to find joy in creating a new set of traditions together.

6. Don’t Play the Blame Game

If your ex comes up, keep it classy and avoid blaming them. Trash talking mommy or daddy, who don’t happen to be around at the moment, sets a poor example for your children, and can create unneeded stress. Do your best to guard your tongue, and choose a neutral, conservative response if questions arise around your ex-partner.

7. Respect Their Time

If the schedule you have agreed upon sees your children spending a weekend out of town with your ex, do your best to respect their time together, as you would want when it’s your turn. Excessive calling or texting just isn’t playing nice, and compromises the children’s ability to enjoy their time with the other half.

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