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Are You Seeking Impaired Driving Or Dui Attorneys In Edmonton?

Operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration in excess of 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 milliliters of blood is a charge under s. 253(1)(b) of the Criminal Code of Canada.  This charge is commonly referred to as “blowing over” or blowing “over 80”.  This offence is usually charged alongside an Impaired Driving charge (or a DUI).  This charge relates specifically to the blood alcohol concentration of the individual at the time he was driving.  In order to be convicted of driving while “over 80”, the Crown Prosecutor will have to prove that the police officer or peace officer complied with all of the prerequisites for obtaining a valid breath sample, as well as all of the prerequisites for introducing that breath sample evidence in court as proof of the offence.  This is a complicated area of the law and there are a variety of ways that the prosecution may not be able to prove their case.

If you have been charged with Over 80 / Over 0.08 / Blowing over / Providing breath samples, the consequences if you are convicted can be severe. In addition to paying a fine, you will be subject to a lengthy driving prohibition or suspension and a possible Criminal Record.  You can also expect your insurance rates to skyrocket by as much as 300%.

You should seriously consider obtaining legal advice if you are facing a charge of Over 80 / Over 0.08 / Blowing over / Providing breath samples,  Impaired Driving or DUI.

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